The Coming Apocalypse

There is a possibility that prophecies made by Irish Saints, are linked to the events seen by the last visionary of Fatima, at Tuy, 1944, and that the events at Fatima, are also tied to La Salette. In the Third Secret of Fatima, interpretations dictated, state that the final persecution of Christians under the Antichrist, follow a vision of the light of Almighty God. In the 1944 apparition, the appearance of God’s radiance, is followed by a cataclysmic tsunami event that is in some way related to the end time persecution of Christians under the Antichrist.

This sequence of events also appears in an ancient prophecy attributed to St. Patrick, which foretells the destruction of Ireland by the sea, seven years before the end of the end of the world, and in order to spare the Irish from the reign of the Antichrist: St Patrick, pleaded with God that all should be received on the day of judgment, IF we should repent even in the last days of our life, and not be shut up in hell. He also asked that barbarian nations should never have rule over us, and no one conquer us, seven years previous to the day of judgment.

Alas, it seems that seven years before the judgment of Almighty God, Ireland, and it’s people, will be destroyed in the sea. The prophecy can be traced back to original documents dating from the 7th century, and Tirechan’s untitled memoirs of St. Patrick, which are based on the The Book of Ultan, an earlier-now lost source, written by a disciple of Patrick himself, (the full text of Tierchan’s work can be found online).

This prediction of the end-time flood of Ireland, is often associated with another prophecy attributed to St. Columcille, also known as Columba, with the Almighty One conceding this favour without exception; that seven years before the last day, the sea shall submerge Eirin by one inundation, (taken from a 9th century document titled ColumCille cecinit). The prophecy of Ireland being destroyed by end-time floods is intimately related to the other material in Public and private revelation which tells of an eschatological inundation, and seems to be inextricably linked to the threat posed by the collapse of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano into the Atlantic ocean, (for months now, that volcano has been active).

According to another, long standing Christian prophetic tradition, the tribulation period at the end-time which sees the rise to power of the Antichrist, will last for a total of seven years. The fact that the prophecy of St. Patrick foretells that Ireland would be destroyed by the sea seven years before the last day in order to spare the Irish from the reign of the Antichrist, suggests that the Beast ascends to world domination as a direct consequence of that catastrophic flooding. Some people believe this will be caused by the lateral collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja, (Canary Islands), into the Atlantic Ocean. The Beast therefore, literally emerges from the chaos of the sea:

”And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.” (Revelation 13:1).

Another even more obscure prophecy attributed to St. Patrick, appears to foretell what was previously unthinkable, and a time when Ireland would lose its faith in Christ. Sadly, this prophecy pretty much describes the current state of our Island, which to a large extent has now shunned the Roman Catholic faith, and what was always a large part of Irish national identity, and there’s no doubt that in the last number of years, successive Irish governments, the Irish mainstream-media, and the new wokie-cults, have been anti-clerical, anti-family, and anti-life, particularly with the legalised murder of babies, and this author does not forget how that was celebrated at the time, how the shameless, Taoiseach, of the time, acted. A scumbag who sat on his throne like King Herod of old, with support from those in opposition, and Soros funding; enabling more shameless Irish people, to fly home Free, with free hotel accommodation, to push the voting numbers up and ensure the murder of the Innocents would be legalised in our land, and it was. While some have thought the voting count was manipulated in their favour, only time will tell, but fact is that these anti-Christians, in the aftermath, joined with the extreme-left-wokie-alphabet-lorikeet-cult, to celebrated that acts by getting drunk, and dancing in the streets. Not something, I’m sure, that will be forgotten by Heaven. That prophecy appears in chapter CLXXV of the vita by the Cistercian hagiographer Jocelyn of Furness (fl. 1175-1214): and the different States of Hibernia are in a Heavenly Vision, shown unto the Saint here below;”

‘And the man of God anxiously desired and earnestly prayed that he might be certified of the present, and the future state of Hibernia, to the end that he might be assured of the faith, or of the value that his labors bore in the sight of God. The Lord hearing the desire of his heart, manifested it to him by an evident revelation while he was engaged in prayer, and the heart of his mind was opened; and he beheld the whole island as it were a flaming fire ascending unto heaven; and heard the angel of God saying unto him: ‘Such is Hibernia, at this time in the sight of the Lord.’

And after a little space he beheld in all parts of the island, mountains of fire stretching to the skies. And again after a little time, he beheld it as if candles were burning, and after a while, darkness intervened; and then he saw fainter lights, and what looked like coals lying, here and there, still burning, but much reduced unto ashes. And the angel added: ”What you are being shown are the people of Hibernia.’

Then the saint, uncontrollably weeping, asked: ‘Whether God will turn himself away for ever, and could he no more, be entreated? Shall his mercy come to an end from generation to generation? Shall God forget to be merciful, and shut up his mercy in his displeasure?’ And the angel said; ‘Look toward the Nfor orthern side, and on the right hand of a height shalt thou behold the darkness dispersed from the face of the light which thenceforth will arise.”

And the saint raised his eyes, and behold, he at first saw a small light arising in Ulydia, (Part of the Kingdom of Ulster, Antrim); which a long time contended with the darkness, but soon dispersed it illuminating its rays through the whole island. The light increasing until it had restored to its former fiery state, all of Hibernia. Then was the heart of the saint filled with joy, and he gave thanks for all these things which had been shown unto him: and understood in the greatness of this fiery ardour, that the Christian faith, the devotion, and zeal of religion, still remained in those islanders. Understanding that there would still be men holy in their virtues, believe in miracles, and be eminent in their preaching’s and examples, while others would lose the faith and decrease in holiness as the the darkness covered the land, yet that these good men would prevail. He also saw there would be priests and people hiding in caves and dens from the face of the wicked, who would pursue them like sheep unto slaughter, and this would all happen during a time of different rites, and new sacraments contrary to the ecclesiastical institutes. A time when many prelates would ignore the divine law.’

Frightening, I know, and why we should never ignore prayer, particularly in our own homes, observe the commandments, and keep faith in the Holy Family. Because to see the work of our Saints being reversed in such a terrible fashion with the murder of babies alone, is something that no true Irish person should stand for, and it is time we said, enough! It is time to restore faith to our beloved land, to restore the religion which our ancestors strived and died to protect. To uphold the faith of our fathers, and to do that we should seek the aid of St Patrick, St Columba, and St Malachy, and pray for the consecration of Ireland once again to Heaven, to the Sacred heart of Jesus, and his Holy Mother, Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven.

This act of Consecration below, is one that is amended from an original used in past times by a Catholic King of Europe. It can be said individually, with one’s family, friends, a prayer group, or with like-minded Christians gathering together where they can.

Therefore, for those who have faith, who believe; then pray this Act of Consecration for Ireland. However, The Consecration is a personal choice.

You see, my God, the wounds that rend my heart, the depth of the abyss into which we have fallen, and the innumerable evils that encompass Ireland, sweeping over every city and home. The cries of babes in the womb, the groans of oppressed people, families, the religious, the vulnerable, and the unfortunate, sound in my ears. An interior voice warns me that perhaps thy justice reproaches us with all these calamities because we have allowed those in power to repress the people. Whether we believed or trusted those in power to serve honourably is no excuse, and our distractions, selfishness. and lack of faith, have helped furnished this heresy, and in our blind ignorance they have armed themselves with laws to increase their power, and audaciousness. O Jesus Christ, Divine Redeemer of all our iniquities, it is into Thy Adorable Heart that I desire to pour out my afflicted soul. I call to my aid the tender heart of Mary, your Mother, and our Protectress, the Mother of Mothers, and to the assistance of St. Patrick, St Columba, St Malachy, and St Brigid, as patrons and most illustrious of our ancestors. Open, O Lord, thy Adorable Heart, and from the pure hands of these powerful intercessors receive graciously the satisfactory vows my confidence inspires me to make, and which I offer thee as the simple expression of my sentiments, and if by an effect of thy infinite goodness, O God, I regain my liberty, my faith, and my religion, I solemnly promise:

  1. To help revoke as soon as possible all the laws that shall be pointed out to me by those acting on your behalf in the sacrosanct traditions of old; laws that are contrary to integrity and purity of faith, and to the discipline, and spiritual jurisdiction, of the True, Holy Catholic, and Apostolic Church, and the civil constitution of that clergy.
  2. That within a year, with those acting on your behalf, in the sacrosanct traditions of old; will help, with all necessary measures to establish in canonical form, a solemn Feast day in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which would be celebrated to perpetuity throughout Ireland, on the first Friday after the octave of the Blessed Sacrament. And that this shall always be followed by a public procession in order to help repair the outrages and profanations committed in the Holy Temples, by Schismatics, Heretics, and bad Christians, during the times of our troubles.
  3. That within six months, counting from the day of my deliverance, to go in person to any principal Church of the place which I may be in at that time, on a Sunday, or a feast-day, and kneel at the foot of the main altar after the offertory of the Mass, and in the hands of the celebrant; pronounce a solemn act of consecration of myself, my family, and my country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the Promise to promote throughout my Country, the Honour and Love due to his Adorable Heart.
  4. That during the course of that first year, counting from the day of my deliverance; in a chosen church; see that an Altar is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to serve as an eternal monument of my gratitude, and of my unlimited confidence in the Infinite Merits and Inexhaustible Treasures of Grace enclosed in that Heart.
  5. Lastly, I resolve to renew every year, wherever I may be, on the day upon that Feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated – say the same Act of Consecration contained in the third article, and to Assist at the Public Procession that shall follow the Mass that day.

To-day, while I can only State this engagement. I would be willing, if necessary, in the future, to sign this declaration with my blood. Yet, I do believe that the time will arrive when I shall be able to publish it aloud in a church.

O Adorable Heart of my Saviour: May my left hand be forgotten, and may I myself be forgotten, if ever I forget these promises, Or to acknowledge the benefits of those promises, Or cease to love thee, and to that end I place in thee my confidence of your blessings upon me; that I shall Not Fear, Fail, or Falter, in the implementation of this oath. Amen.

If you have read this far, then like many in these times you see around you that many of the occurrences in Ireland are contained in the above article. Yet, these same type of occurrences are happening all around the world, and to ignore these things any further will only result in more heinous acts against people, families, their religious beliefs, their way of life, their traditions, freedoms, and the complete loss of Human Rights by those intent upon creating a one-world-government, and one-world-religion. that unless you are blind, ignorant, or just don’t care – can see that is a cult with satanic influences. You cannot continue to turn the other cheek, and you cannot fight on your knees. You have to stand on your feet to make a difference, and a big part of that is to say No More!

Glaoigh ormsa i measc na naomh, is an old Gaelic saying, and means “While the wicked stand confounded, call me with thy saints surrounded.”

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