Protocols and Dummy Laws

I think it’s fair to state that Brexit, England leaving the EU, tore apart the pages of the Good Friday agreement that was signed by all mainstream republicans, and a cowardly Free State government, in a sell out that included the removal of Articles 2, and 3, from the Irish Constitution, an appeasement to unionism, and the loyalist paramilitaries. Some of whom, who to this day want nothing more than the return of a Stormont they once controlled and enjoyed when running an apartheid state, and for those still wearing green-tinted-sunglasses, mainstream republicans betrayed you, they were bought and took the handout like all the GFA paramilitaries did, from the bank robbery that never occurred.

The GFA was supposedly about peace, not war, and there were clauses added that allowed the countries of Erin and England, as members of the EU, allow the people of the North to identify as being Irish or English, both if they wanted. But, the border would still remain and that wee place known to some as Northern Ireland, would be legitimised. That was it, BUT, that agreement, the GFA, would be broken if Ireland or England were to breakaway from the EU, which is what England did.

However, the truth is – one thing that remains since 1998, is partition, because that was cemented and helped by the free-state government removing articles 2 and 3 from the Irish constitution, that saw the North east of Ireland, surrendered to England, and those republicans, all of them, who signed up to the GFA, and took the money from the robbery that was not a robbery – sold out the nationalist people, and every Irish patriot who died in the fight for Irish freedom, everyone who suffered gaol and discrimination. Their actions helped legitimise a part of the island of Ireland – as English owned, and Northern Ireland is stamped as a country within a country.

Anyhow, let us continue, that British goods arriving in the North became subject to EU customs checks, all due to Brexit, and that has always been a red flag to those regarding themselves as British. However, when the British government left the EU, they chose to be outside a single market and a customs union. Boris Johnson also at that time, signed and passed into law, something called the Northern Ireland protocol, which gave it separate status, with the result that loyalist paramilitaries, felt betrayed by London.

Yes, Johnson, his government, had an obligation to make the protocol work, but they didn’t, and as they have always done, the loyalists spat their dummies out, spewing threats. The fact is that loyalist cartels don’t really care about goods, food, or basic necessities, and their fixation removing a sea border they cannot see, but see as inhibiting their britishness – severing them from the british mainland of a broken un-united, kingdom, is the stuff of nonsense. I mean, lets be honest, that sea-border that can’t be seen, doesn’t stop them travelling to to Scotland for football matches, or to Troon, for a drink with their compatriots there, does it?

No, it doesn’t, and let’s say it in plain-speak, they’re a bunch of GFA gangsters, a cartel, like their counterpart republican GFA cartels, and they continue to deal their drugs to children, teens, that kill, and if they do get arrested, still get to go on their holidays, and then return to their dirty-business ventures, and that’s only the ones who don’t have ‘pass by jail tickets’ exempting them from arrest. These are things that have made these people bolder and time they were all taken off their pedestals because the people of the North have been subjected long enough to the whims of these gangsters. The sooner those tickets are taken away from them, their financial positions examined, their businesses, any properties owned or suspected of owning, and investigated properly. Once it comes to losing those things and the lifestyles they’ve become accustomed to – they’ll start ratting each other out like the rats they are. It is time that their control of the communities was ended because the drug deaths won’t stop, and more families will grieve. Over to you, the next British PM.

Fact is, as long as the police have little pieces of paper waved at them from grinning gangsters, they are hand-cuffed to their own handcuffs, and the scumbags know it. So loyalists complaining about sea borders is only for show, like all the cartels, they’re only concerned for their lifestyles. Taking away the pass by jail tickets would be a start, because the people of the North deserve more. The children, families, communities need more from those who are supposed to implement the law, and why we need to question things like people having holidays when they should be remanded to custody. Or why there has been no investigations into the finances of many loyalists and republicans. Freeze their assets, do it right, the GFA is obsolete, now’s your chance.

JS Larkin

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