Irish Tyrants and Tyranny

There’s no doubt since the seasonal flu, and common cold became re-invented as a ‘con-virus’ leading to a choreographed scamdemic, with curfews, lockdowns, anti-social distancing, and forced poisonous jabs upon those willing to hold their arms out all over Ireland, in an orchestrated experiment, and assault of people that has seen many of them seriously injured, and murdered, during what are modern day ‘human-guinea-pig-trials’ for unlicensed drugs. Human trials that place the experiments conducted on people during WW2, that led to the Nuremburg Code, to facilitate the protection of Human rights, and prevent it ever happening again. But it has, and since 2019 the modern day experiments on your children, your grandparents, your parents, are nothing more than a new form of euthanasia.

Experimentations that place those WW2 experiments in the shade, and make no mistake about it, those things continue in what is a conveyor-belt of tyranny conducted by fascist governments, fascist health facilities, and fascist health people, pretending to have your best interests at heart, those of your family, and community, and it will continue until you get up off your knees, because you – the Irish people; cannot stand together if you are on the ground.

The satanic cult, has many arms, and they include covid tyrants in your community, your shops, stores, and health facilities, police, and government agencies, and that you allow these people who are supposed to serve you to dictate your bodily autonomy to you, bully, intimidate, and terrorise, you, affords them the power they have. Remember my body-my choice? Well, if it’s good enough for those cult member-abortionists, who want to murder babes in the womb, then it’s good enough for you. So stand up, stand together as families, as a community, and learn to say no, no more, and enough!

These so-called politicians who currently run your government, police, and health services, enjoyed what they did, and they continue to enjoy what they are doing.
Yet, that more people are asking questions and getting off their knees, is alarming to them, and they are now beginning to panic because of the increasing number of citizens uniting against their illegal laws, now seen for what they are, tyranny imposed by Irish tyrants.

That people around the world no longer trust their health agencies and politicians , can be seen in America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Holland. Not only against tyrannical medical experiments, but against new laws that ban farmers from using nitrogen for their crops, but against those farmers maintaining the old farming ways. If you believe that because a cow farts, the ozone becomes damaged, then this article is not for you. If you believe that is another piece of nonsensical garbage mouthed by global-greenie-cultists, then hang around, because you already see what’s going on and can think for yourself.

All those questions you raised at home, or with your friends, are now evolving in front of you, and what you see is the political, economic, and moral decline of the countries of the west, and Ireland is one of them.
It began with cancel culture, and with cancel culture came the promotion of decadence, sordidry, marriage outside the normal laws of nature, and the sacrifice of babes in the womb as part of appeasement to those in a demonic cult that existed in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and become renewed under family days out at pride festivals that are nothing more than perversion exercises aimed at influencing, at the very least, our very young innocent children into believing that what they are witnessing is normal, when it is not.

The Irish government will continue to appease their satanic masters to cancel our culture, traditions, history, and a religion that is the faith of our fathers. Please think about that for a moment… Everything we hold and have held dear, everything that held-holds families and communities together that are, and were, our Christian morals and values, are being eradicated and replaced by a decadent society. In Ireland, like many places there are those who did not take to their knees, who remained on their feet, standing, in opposition to those fascist in health facilities and government agencies.

Good people who have fought to preserve their right to free choice, to maintaining their health, to freedom of thought and speech, that have seen them ostracised, fined, and at times jailed under ‘illegal laws’ that have been add-ons to oppress the people.
The assault and violations of our basic human rights have been hand in hand with political correctness, a new ‘illegal-law’ that tends to criminalise anyone clinging to freedom of thought, religious beliefs, traditions and culture, and unless, the people of Ireland, those in England, and elsewhere, get off their knees and stand together, united, then it will continue to get worse. It is time to throw off the shackles and masks of the oppressor.

Tyrants come in many forms and that it is Irish tyrants who now terrorise the people of Ireland, does not excuse it. On the contrary it makes it worse, and the cultists must be kicked into touch. As a matter of fact the Irish fascist government and their agencies are not representative of us, and see us as nothing more than slaves under their control. Therefore, the time has come to remove them in order to preserve our children, our families, and our communities from more of the same. What little we have left of our ancient treasures and customs, can be restored if we act today. So gather to yourselves like-minded people because this is a war for the right to live as free-people, as opposed to lives of slaves who will be monitored for obedience, and should they show any sign of disobedience, will be criminalised or removed under a law the Irish government intend to ‘slip-in’ very soon, and that is selective euthanasia.

A law that will see those deemed as being useless members of society for death-disposal. Those classed as addicts, the pensioners, those about to become pensioners, the mentally challenged, and as soon as the latter are stripped of their carers and become physically or mentally challenged; will be labeled for death-disposal.
And those with children that the Irish government and their medical fascists deem as unsuitable, will come under threat with the removal of their children like they do in the good old US of A, and then, well a lot of kids conveniently go missing… Check out the Stew Peters show on Rumble…

Ireland, is nothing more than a prison cell, albeit an open-air one, and when you wear the mask of obedience, empower the tyrants further…

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