Language and Culture

Learning the Irish language is a good place to begin on the pathway of embracing our Irish heritage.
While Patriotgamepress is a place for those familiar with my work, my books, and information concerning those books. It’s also my intention to highlight the traditions, folklore, and recipes of my people. Things that should be passed on to our children and grandkids, but no longer considered important to many in educational facilities or government. Yet, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of maintaining our culture amidst the attacks on our children, families, elderly, the community by the global satanic cult and supporters in Ireland.

Learning any language can be a chore to some, but having a working knowledge of the Irish language is something we all should all strive for. Imagine being able to converse with your friends and family. While English is the universal lingo and spoken throughout the island of Ireland, it is not our native tongue, and should only converse in it – if necessary.

There are areas known as The Gaeltacht, where Irish is the primary language. There are a number of ways for beginners to learn the language, like community universities or on the internet through apps, and you can find reputable Irish language websites like; or the excellent .
My own favourite is , you cannot go wrong with it, and easy to sign up with your email. I highly recommend it.

Did you know that Irish/Gaeilge is an option to choose as your display language on Twitter, and that Facebook allows the buttons and instructions to be displayed in the language?

It might be interesting to switch languages in your profile settings for a little while, and learn some Irish words by using Facebook or Twitter that way.

Another way to become further accustomed to the language is to listen to some Irish radio stations maybe at night on your phone, in bed, as some people believe after a few weeks certain words and phrases become familiar. The Irish language television station, TG4, also have a YouTube channel, here is the link –

The Scottish Language
For those of Scottish/Irish heritage, who might be interested in learning Scottish Gaelic, particularly those in the North of Ireland and the North west of Scotland, with those roots, these are brilliant sources – and this

There’s also which is very helpful, and if you’re on Facebook, this group is very popular,

For some more on Scots gaelic, visit this excellent website –

I hope these ideas can get you motivated to learn your ancient language and more about your ancient culture. Of course, you must choose whichever way works best for you, all the same I wish you the very best in your endeavours.

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