A Leper in Your Own Country

You only have to look at social media to see how it is used as a tennis racquet to smash people of tradition, think Christians who support pro-life, and traditional families. That’s wrong, and those who run social media believe they have the divine right to dictate – what can, and cannot be stated.

That it’s best not to think for yourself, and just do what you’re told, and they know best, and democracy is only a word to keep the peasants happy in some sad belief that it exists, which it does, but only after censorship, and in what is dictated. While social media does have it’s good points, it’s mainly a control tool by those who see themselves above others, like those who question things, and who call something for what it is. People with old fashioned codes who see wrongs for what they are, unlike those who advertise and promote wrongs as being right, and expect you to accept them as correct. Which is why it’s important to maintain ones traditions.

Part of those traditions were in walking up the street to see your neighbour instead of sending a text, and why it’s important to re-organise your local community centre for weekly, and/or monthly social gatherings, and outside the dictates of those who think they have sole control of those properties, because they don’t, because those effers, would have you wear a mask and sit in the corners waving across to each other, and they’d probably have a referee who would issue red cards to anyone who danced up close and personal.

So, no, we would not be doing what they want to impose on us, because it is our community centre, and we will use to help rebuild our community in the traditional way, and that is non-negotiable or we will take them to court because we now know that Covid-19, was bullshit, that Country Organise Victimisation I-Dentification – 19, and if you split the 19 up into a number 1, and a number 9 – they represent the letters, A and I, and we all know what that is because it relates to nano-technology.

Community, realy community that is – is about caring and sharing – and wouldn’t the homeless be better sleeping in that community centre than on the street in winter, instead of glued to the ground with ice, and found dead. Shouldn’t we be questioning why so many are going homeless in Ireland, and challenging unjust and unfair laws that have already cost people their livelihoods, their homes, their lives. Questioning why the indigenous of the country are treated like Lepers, in that their benefits are cut and denied because the street is not ‘a fixed abode’ yet it’s the fault of the government, and the city councils, that they are there in the first place.

Then there’s those who return home, from say Europe, maybe America, who are told they are not entitled to social housing let aline social benefits, and have to wait a minimum of six months to be assessed, that turns out to be a year, to see if they qualify for ‘residency’ of their own country, even though they were born there, making them like those on the streets, the real refugees.

Yet, regardless ofthose who arrive home to Ireland,and with usually not enough to fend with, the same trend occurs in England, Scotland, and Wales, with no care or consideration afforded them, to those who arrive in those countries from places like Albania, and the Ukraine; yet, are entitled to immediate help – that is money, a home, a car, phones for everyone, and if their relatives want to come and visit them 6 times a year, it’s paid for. Yet, that native-man, and woman who returned home has to sleep behind the bin bay of the local cafe on a cold winter night on Christmas Eve, crying in their memories wondering how it ever got to this, and how they could be treated like an outcast in their homeland.

That the greater Europe dictates through their proxy-bought-politicians, like Varadkar and Martin; new laws that see an Irish native criminalised for leaving his country and treated like a piece of shit on their return, is wrong, and that Irish politicians are ensuring foreign nationals from Nazi Ukraine, are priority over old Charlie and Liz, who were born in Dublin, or Glasgow, or Belfast, or London, is fucking wrong. Because most likely – when the snow ploughs are called out for the necessary clean-ups, Old Liz, or Charlie, will be found under the ice and snow, frozen solid, and all because the bastards in your government deemed them unworthy to be helped, because they were not foreigners.

Fact is, the country you were born in should afford you more rights, and your country belongs to you, to its people, and not to your politicians or some overseer in Europe, and it’s time the bastards understood this, and it’s time more people stood up and shouted this out, in fact it’s time to take back our country by whatever means is necessary.

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