Know Your Enemies

If anyone needed proof that the globalist cult are pulling the strings behind most governments in the world, just look at the mindless morons they have in place, from Ukraine’s little tin-pot Hitler, to those in Germany, France, Canada, America, England, Scotland, Wales, in southern Ireland, and those ‘Janus politician’s, the jokers, in the North of Ireland who like playing the orange, or the green cards. All governments under control of the new fourth Reich, the EU, and the Gates and Soros agencies. All of them bought, and who are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/UN agenda of covid euthanasia – biomedical tyranny, transhumanism, Russiaphobia, the destruction of traditions, including the traditional family, traditional communities, and the destruction of Christianity for satanic cultism.

How many people know that just lately, Joe Biden signed his signature to an American transhumanism document called the – Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy. Fact is, if you don’t see what’s happening from country to country, originates from America, then you’re either a supporter of this globalist cult, blind, ignorant, or a moron, because we Human beings are now standing on the threshold of slavery like nothing ever seen before.

The covid scam when the flu was renamed, was the setting for world control. It proved to them that the sheep, through fear, and the cancelling of human rights, freedoms, work, when lies and deceit are repeated day to day, through social media, the bought media, the bought politicians, the bought police, bought health services, hospitals, GPs, and city council’s.

That people believed those deceitful things, and deceitful people; was down to the constant daily fear narratives pushed, but mainly it was controlled Nazi-like lockdowns.

The covid scam helped enable the government globalists in the south of Ireland, and those in the North, gather greater control to themselves. They are of course being well paid to help install the satanic-system to obliterate every human right that protects you and your family, your kids, grandkids, and health-scams are part of that.

Don’t believe me? Well, try this one from Karen Kingston – former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical-device industries, who helped  decipher te technical jargon behind this bill and what the executive order means… and Karen Kingston stated this in a Twitter post –

‘Let me read between the lines for America….Biden’s Sept. 12, 2022, executive order declares that Americans must surrender all human rights that stand in the way of transhumanism. Clinical trial safety standards and informed consent will be eradicated as they stand in the way of universally unleashing gene-editing technologies needed to merge humans with A.I. In order to achieve the societal goals of the New World Order, crimes against humanity are not only legal, but mandatory.’

Here is one of the most disturbing excerpts from Biden’s executive order – ‘We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers…including through computing tools and artificial intelligence.’

Patrick Wood, an economist and author of several books on technocracy, has been following the transhumanist and global technocracy movements for four decades, said that Kingston is not overstating the issue, and he said – ‘This E.O. is proof that the executive branch is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry. It will be Katy bar the door from here on out. The transhumanists within Big Pharma have completely taken over government policy and taxpayer funds to promote their own anti-human agenda of hacking the software of life. It also clearly demonstrates who has the power, and who sets the policies in America.’

The mRNA injections that have already gone into the bodies of at least 70 percent of the population in Ireland, that includes children, and marks the ‘gateway to transhumanism.’

The globalists know that those born after WW2, in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, have a better idea of fakery, deceits, ans lies. That’s those who are grandparents, or great-grandparents, and are more aware of the machinations of government lies. which is why they were isolating, if not murdering them during the covid euthanasia scam.

For those who don’t realise it, everything that begins in America spreads throughout the world, and the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, will all follow suit on this type of bill. But, don’t look to your cops, your MPs, TDs, your judges, your local councillors, your compromised, ill- health services, because they are part of the tyranny.

As for your educational facilities, the longer your kids remain there, the more danger they are in, because they have been infiltrated. If you don’t begin to question now, it’ll be too late when you decide to do that.

Your politicians, your political party, your governments are your enemy, remember this. As regards protests, that is a right, but nothing should be organised through social media. Put nothing on there. Protests, Freedom of expression, and a United People is what they fear. For instance, serving notice of your intention to gather in a city-centre and protest, allows them to prepare in advance – how to control, contain, brutalise people if necessary, and arrest them. It allows them to photograph and gather information on those present because all opposition must be put down.

The global cult fear a country’s nationalism and a people’s patriotism that is based on old-school-values and traditions, and in Ireland, we have one party that is representative of those values, those traditions, The National Party-An Páirtí Náisiúnta – They are the only party worth trusting – worth your vote, You cannot stand when you are on your knees, it’s time to get up, enough is enough, The National Party of Ireland will stand with you.

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