Ukrainian Nazis

The latest Nazi plot to destroy various Italian targets, including a police station, by the Ukrainian Nazis, has links to their terrorist Azov Battalion, a crew of scumbags responsible for some of the most violent heinous acts on Innocent civilians in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Photos released by police showed Nazi paraphernalia they seized in approximately 34 raids on members of the ‘Order of Hagal’ throughout Italy, and included photos of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and a load of t-shirts bearing the logo of Ukraine’s official Nazi terrorist regiment, the murderous, inhumane, rapist, Azov gang.

According to state investigators, the objective of the Ukrainian Nazi order of Hagal, was the Marigliano police barracks, which was reported in the Italian ‘Today Chronicle.’

According to other, online sources, the Ukrainian Nazis intended to bomb a shopping centre in a no-warning attack, and with what has lately occurred in Poland, suspicions are that the Ukrainian Nazis, deliberately bombed Poland, and that other nearby countries have already been warned of Ukrainian Nazi cells in their jurisdiction intent on killing their citizens. Those sources also suspect that because many European countries are now waking up to the fact they were duped by the American government, who are not only benefitting from sanctions imposed on Russia by most European countries, but to their decline, if not destruction, by their fear of America, and bending the knee to the deceitful policies, and are now trying to salvage what they can to save their countries.

Of course, Interpol have been fretting for months about the likelihood that weapons supposedly shipped to the Ukrainian Nazis, particularly by America, ending up in criminal hands, as they did in Norway, and Interpol chief Jurgen Stock, said as far back as June, that ‘Once the guns fall silent in Ukraine, the illegal weapons will come. We know this from many other theatres of conflict. The criminals are even now, as we speak, focusing on them.’

He was half-right, because this author has an idea that the Ukrainian Nazis have been using their diplomatic immunity benefits to export weapons from Ukraine to places like Italy, and maybe the Germans, and the French, need to act fast on this supposition.

Besides that, the transfer of those weapons from America would have been through to American military stations in Europe, places like Poland, and have an idea a lot of gear was re-routed – long before this – for this very purpose, and if the French and German governments are not worried today, they should be, and ‘I told you so’ springs to mind, because what happened in Poland, was the Azov, the Ukrainian Nazis.

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