They Haven’t Gone Away

In the last few years; Paramilitary ‘punishment shootings and beatings’ have surged across the North East of Ireland, in what has been a 15% increase every year in the last 6 years, according to police figures. The rise in these acts have been blamed on new ‘Dissidents’ groups in both Catholic, and Protestant areas, yet many journalists are very conveniently turning a blind eye in Catholic areas, to the mainstream republican cartels. But the truth is that it suits many to promote ‘dissident violence’ as the only culprit within Catholic areas.

Of course, there’s no denying that dissidents, are and have been involved in many things including assaults on people and targeting the Police, yet there seems to be a blindness to mainstream republicans who sell drugs within the community through their new criminal cells structure.

That the Provisional IRA, and INLA, are the main drugsters in Catholic areas, and very happily work ‘cross-community drugs with their mates in the Loyalist drug cartels. Hooking young kids with ‘freebies’ and once hooked the drugs become expensive, upping the price each time they fail to pay. Soon enough, those kids are selling the Cartel drugs to clear their debts, and fund their habit because they’re hooked, and soon enough they’re dipping into the product, can’t pay, and the real problem begins.

The Cartel send people to the parents, pushing the debt on to them, and in some cases payments are made by the parents with an increase on the original sum. In some instances when they can’t pay, the parents are forced to, after administering heavy painkillers and diazepems to their kids, deliver them to the gangsters, for punishment like kneecapping.

If you are still one of those who thinks there was no dirty side deals at the Good Friday Agreement, waken up, because that agreement legalised organised crime cartels. That’s those who were paid a lot of money from the fake northern bank robbery to ditch a few arms because they did not hand all the gear over guns over, and that they still have them and are shooting kids with them 24 years after the GFA, says something is very wrong.

The chief constable of the PSNI has been on record as saying, ‘There is something madly wrong with society when parents even countenance doing that with their own childrenbut he didn’t blame the parents, seeing it instead, as a climate of fear the Cartel gangs have imposed in the areas.’

These people are not republicans, they are gangsters, and that they are getting away with it is down to a lot of ‘Pass by jail tickets’ and such matters are what I deal with in the Unpatriot Game Series, because they haven’t cone away, you know…

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