The Right To Life

The idea, that there is an equality to the right to be born, let alone live, in Ireland, is nonsensical., because Ireland, north and south, and their agencies, see new life as a problem that needs to be obliterated. The idea that a baby should be discarded through mutilation-abortion is, and has been recycled constantly since around 2013 in Ireland. It’s something that has found its way to senior schools, colleges, universities, so-called health clinics, and some doctor’s rooms. It may well have found its way into primary education through a number of the new, satanic-cultists that are employed there, who are also involved in promoting the corrupt mind-grooming of children that is the realm of sex-predators, and mentally disturbed, fucked-up individuals, who think they are a different species. Those types can be found at the perverse, Sodom and Gomorrian, sexual-decadent-exhibitions, passed as family-friendly parades, that we’re all supposed to take great pride in – yeah right.

Anyhow, it’s become quite evident that these things are being promoted as acceptable equality, even if you do not accept them, under the new, wokie-normal, and if you don’t agree, well you’re attacked, and JK Rowling is proof of this because of the fact she knows the difference between a man and a woman. Well, she is a woman, and I’d say it gives her a good insight into the difference, but because some head-the-balls, out there, say they are a man, and not a woman, or that they’re a woman, and not a man; they expect us to accept this, well NO, we don’t, and instead of ignoring this in the hope they’ll go away, the opposite has occurred, and they are growing bolder due to the fact that governments have changed the laws to empower these eejits, and government agencies, which include the corrupt, bought-media, advocate for them branding anyone who speaks the truth of what is a big part of a satanic cult.

In fact, that babies are being murdered in the womb under a ‘Herod’s Decree’ is synonymous with that bible story, and while they can dress it up in something like ‘the mothers choice’, or ‘she changed her mind’ or under the guise that the baby is not a person, not human, or in their fucked-up assessment of that child not actuall being alive until it is born – making it okay – it is NOT, and anyone who plays a part in that, including the mother, is guilty of murder, because that’s what abortion is – legalised murder.

A child has a right to live, and no matter how these satanic following governments, or ill-health services, move the goalposts, they cannot convince people like me of the legalities of planned murder, planned genocide. Fact is, that fanatical-lunatics are running an open-air asylum, and while some are compromised in some way, or bought, there are those within the media, in government, who are the devils advocates and followers, and all of them are eager to not only destroy Christianity, traditional families and communities, but erase grandparents, if not actual parents from those roles. In fact there are people who perform roles within christianity, who are priests that follow the person claiming to be pope of the catholic church, which he is not, that’s still Pope Benedict. Don’t believe me? Go look it up.

No-one has the right to kill a defenceless baby, to have it pulled apart, bit by bit, from a womb, without any concern whatsoever for that act of murder.

It’s a well established fact, that most abortions are conducted for personal convenience, and few abortions are performed because of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. In fact, the majority of abortions are premeditated, and the excuse, or belief, that ‘a baby is not being murdered, in order to justify the murder, is wrong, it is murder.

Fact is, a baby has a soul from the moment of its conception. Did not John the Baptist leapt for joy in his mother’s womb, (Luke 1:44), where he was filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:15), and The Didache, (70 AD) states: You shall not procure an abortion, nor destroy a newborn child (2:1). There’s also the Letter of Barnabas (74 AD) that states: You shall not murder a child by procuring abortion; nor, again, shall you destroy it – after it is born (19).

Sadly, Ireland is no longer a Christian nation, It is, instead, a collection of sects that are linked to a satanic cult, with mobs who control the jobs, if not ‘new-speak, and ‘new-get with the programme, or else’ methodology. These people, (and I #’d question if some are actually people), have no moral standards and because they have none, they want to replace yours, if not erase them with the new satanic fashions.

This new culture is reflected by your leaders in government, by those in the ill-health services, the media, and those who who portray themselves as judges, and who are all too happy to cover-up ‘con-jobs passed as pandemics. But not only this, in Ireland, north and south, these wokie-cultists are intent upon destroying the country, erasing our history and traditions that are the ‘faith of our fathers’ but are intent upon changing every part of a constitution written under the evocation of our God, because they hate him, and work towards satanic totalitarianism.

For you, the christian, these cultists spit on your idea of equality, and if you don’t believe it’s going to get worse, believe me, we are living in times that have been prophesised. You are their enemy and while they want to destroy Gods creation, they want your soul, and that began with the fake pandemic.

Look at how many sold out to the lies, and who still wear masks, and still look at all those who stood your ground, unmoveable in the deceitful lies. Those people live in your towns, and they cannot ever be trusted again, and they will do what it takes to maintain their way of living to the point they will keep their bare arms held out for the next unlicensed drug being passed as a vaccine, and a cure.

As a matter of fact if they were told to sneak up on you and jab you, or they would lose their way of life – they would, do it, and your kids, and the babies. The Chinese social credit system is very favoured by the global satanists, a system that rewards you for toeing the line, but don’t be surprised if these Irish cultists, place abortion, the murder of a baby,at the top of the reward system, if not signing the paperwork that sends your granny to a euthanasia home, and those with no scruples will benefit from those things. Think about it, everytime someone gets pregnant, the ejection seat is available at their local hospital and their new-card credited… People are capable of anything, even informing, and that is always a big payday…

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