Transhumanism for those unaware of the agenda, is a belief that we, the human race, can be controlled through our consciousness by uploading that consciousness to a cloud-based programme, melding us with an artificial intelligence that this globalists believe they can control.

The other part of that lunacy, is that the globalist-satanic-cult irrationally believe can we can also be downloaded into an artificial body construct; a synthetic body, a sort of avatar observance system. Even crazier is the fact that they believe they can control us, and want us to be dependent on them in order to exist. That’s why the in 2019 they invented C19, something that was a lie, a con-virus, because they needed to see how gullible the human race were, if they’d believe the lie, and there many who did, and who took sides against their fellow human beings, if not against their fellow employees, their own families, and communities.

It showed the cult, that dependency could be managed by fear, and it encouraged them to go further with what they now call ‘climate lockdowns’ which is another step on the road to plugging people into a grid they will control, that is your every thought, your every movement, to strip you of the power to think for yourself, and towards removing all traces of your humanity.

That’s why – with the scamdemic – Ireland was among the countries that organised voluntary injected death-drug(s), and with those drugs, nano-technology was pushed into your body in a conjob that aided their assessment of the amount of control they have, country to country, age group to age group, but more importantly gave them an insight into those who rebelled against it.

Most of those rebels grew up in the 60s and 70s, and are now grandparents, if not great-grandparents, and could see through the nonsensical narratives, because the time they grew up in conditioned them to think for themselves, and think outside the box. There were also those who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, and they were among those who happened to be in age-care facilities, and were isolated ensuring their demise through what was also part of a euthanasia programme, and saw a number of them transferred to hospitals for having a runny nose, a cough. However, it also saw those who raised objections to the draconian laws introduced in those homes, also chemically knocked-out, and many, upon reaching – what can no longer be called care facilities, or hospitals, made it easier to Tube them, and they died.

The people who did this, class themselves a doctors and nurses, who with the power given to them by deceit and lies, abused not only a Hippocratic oath, but their roles to care for, and save people. Instead, they aided in a lie that saw murders committed in order to enlarge what is now called ‘covid-deaths’ by a fictional virus that never existed. These people are still in your hospitals and what are now ‘ill-health, uncaring facilities’ and they are part of what is a satanic, global-cult, and they are dangerous, because they are among those who want you to hold out your arm for unlicensed illegal, poisonous drugs they are passing as a vaccination being used in a human experiment that have also caused serious injuries to people.

These people are a big part of the problem that is world-wide depopulation agenda, and they are coming after your family, and unless you hold out your arm and bend both knees in supplication – the only alternative is to organise street by street, community by community, city by city, to protect your loved ones, your way of life, and your human rights.

Yes, I know there are good doctors and nurses, and health officials, but today – they need to make a decision and take a side, because they cannot have it both ways, and in the end because they did not tell the truth; did not do the right thing, will pay for their support in a lie. In fact the cult will discard them when they have no more value to them, but to the people who have suffered, now, today, they have a value, and if they are brave enough – they will speak the truth.

Street protests, or posting on facebook will not get you anywhere, but a united resistance will, and please – do not expect your clergy people to lead you, because most of them have either been bought or lost their faith.
And faith, belief in the power of Almighty God is essential to thwarting this satanic cult, because you may not know it, but you are in a war against evil, and if you are a Christian, a traditionalist, you are their enemy, and prayer, the holy rosary is an important aspect of this fight. Prayer is hope, and the belief that we can depend on the power of God and the Queen of Heaven to help in the battles ahead, but while we can pray on our knees, we cannot fight on our knees, standing up against a terror cult can only be done on your feet.

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