Fascist Ireland

Enoch Burke is an Irish schoolteacher, and a Christian, who currently resides in Mountjoy Jail, for those religious beliefs. This is the story of how he came to be in jail in the new Ireland, run by a Fascist government and their agencies, all part of the global, wokie, satanic-cult.

The story of this Irish teacher, jailed for refusing to comply with a request from his school – to refer to a girl as a boy, has been largely ignored throughout Ireland due to the Irish, wokie-cult-media, who would have you believe the man is a criminal because he did not adhere to an illegally imposed court injunction to desist from attending the school, after being suspended from teaching by that school, placing him on administrative leave. However, that administrative leave arose out of a disciplinary process which arose due to Enoch Burke refusing to accept Coercion from the school to address a boy, as a girl, and by another name.

Enoch Burke is now in jail because of his refusal to compromise his beliefs and accept a fantasy-madness that someone who was born a boy, decides one day they are a girl, and demands to be treated as such, and aside from Enoch Burke being a Christian and that this would violate his values – knew the boy was a boy, and decided not to facilitate that crazy notion,

That he ended up in Irelands most well known prison, Mountjoy, for his principled stand is in line with the new, wokie, satanic-cult, madness that has been imposed on the people of Ireland, or rather, I should say, the christian people of Ireland, and is in fact the Penal Laws all over again. But, the mad thing is that there are those who think he should have just thrown his religious beliefs to the side, and complied, which believe it or not, has been echoed from both those who class themselves as conservative commentators, like one at gript.ie, and another at extra.ie, who class themselves as liberals.

One claiming that Enoch Burke did not spend the last two nights in September, in Mountjoy prison, because of his religious beliefs but due to the consequence of them, painting Enoch Burke of seeking to impose his religious beliefs on others, and thereby revealed his own wokie colours. The fact is, Enoch Burke did end up in jail for his religious stand, making a mockery of their assertion that Enoch Burke was not being coerced or compelled to participate in that fantasy madness, I’m not a doctor, but I am an accredited counsellor, and I believe there are those who use this wokie-cult nonsense for their own gains. That this so-called liberal journalist believes Burke was wrong in not doing what was requested amounts to ‘expective-acquiesence’ and is a big part of what is the mainstream-media’s agenda to push an anti-christian agenda on traditional people/christians.

Of course these type of eejits view Burke’s refusal to comply with the illegal-forced administrative leave, and a court order that actually breached constitutional laws, as heresy. I mean, come on, it’s clear-cut, even for a Judge, that Enoch Burke was being forced, being coerced to betray his beliefs and take the knee to a fascist dictatorship and an illegal imposed censorship. To submit all he held dear to the madness of a wokie-cult, and what are nothing more than the old penal laws revamped, albeit illegal, and the Judge in sentencing him, knew that.

You only have to browse through the mainstream-corrupt-media, if not social media, to see they have no sympathy for Enoch Burke. In fact he has been derided by some as a ‘loon’ among other disparaging remarks – and that they can say what they want without fear of censorship’ reveals the extent of hate there is for christians, and old-school traditions.

Today, there is a battle taking place in Ireland that are those trying to protect and maintain not only their religious beliefs, but their human rights, and that Enoch Burke was caught up in this, was deliberate. That Judge, when he sent Enoch Burke to jail, was making a statement on behalf of the Irish Fascist Dictatorship in government who are intent upon taking away every ancient tradition held sacred that is the foundation of traditional Irish society, and the faith of our fathers, and if you don’t submit to their will, like Enoch Burke, you’ll be criminalised.

Helen McEntee, the Minister for Justice, has an updated hate-speech bill ready for the legislature, and that paperwork will no doubt contain more illegalities that will be passed as legislation in order to jail more Enoch Burke’s, which will make it much easier for the fascists in government to prosecute anyone who refuses to participate in the new fantasy madness, because citing your religious beliefs will be classed hate-speech, and prejudice.

That a Fascist regime, if not a satanic-cult, are intent upon imposing a new form of Penal laws upon you that you will either accept and adapt to with a painted smile on your face cannot be acceppted, and must be opposed by whatever means are necessary, irrespective of their threats to create more Enoch Burke’s, and that they are intent upon convicting Innocent people to uphold immoralities that threaten the traditional family, says dictatorship.

According to independent.ie, the school principal at the church of Ireland school, Niamh McShane claimed in an email that – ‘the right of persons to be called by a name of their choosing, and in accordance with their preferred gender was a recognised right.’

Such statements are not intended to help Enoch Burke, and are, and were at the beginning of Enoch Burke’s ordeal, not legal. In fact that statement was illegal, and Mr Burke was the one legally correct in his stance. His imprisonment is not only illegal, but was intended to force him to violate his religious beliefs, and act as a warning to every traditional christian out there towards establishing a revamped Penal Law agenda, towards erasing our ancient Irish traditions, traditional families, and traditional life activities that include ones religion and prayer. Laws that violate human rights and will strip you of the freedom to participate in religious expression and prayer, and amounts to censorshi.

In fact, the Hate-Speech legislation intended by the Irish fascist dictatorship is a nothing more than the Penal law abuses that our forefathers suffered under threat of death, providing the irish fascists with ‘easy-criminalisation’ of those like Enoch Burke, in that their religious convictions will have them convicted as being abhorrent and hateful in a new definition of what defines hate, and is geared to suit the wokie-satanic-cultists.

However, at the end of the day, what these fascists cannot do – is force people like Enoch Burke to participate in their fantasy madness, because a boy born a boy, is not a girl, and a girl born a girl, is not a boy, and irrespective of their Penal laws, regardless of their corrupt media, and their subservient gavel-thumpers, cannot enforce their dictatorshit on the nation without a backlash, and make no mistake about it – there’s only so much a people will take before they rebel, and the people are getting up off their knees, but God, Almighty God, it is he who they should really be worried about…

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