The Three days of Darkness

Growing up in the old Pound Loney, in Belfast, I was familiar the Holy Rosary, in the local Chapel, St Peter’s, and at times in the streets on certain religious occasions.  As an Irish Catholic, my religion is important to me, it was the same with my parents, theirs, and all those before them. It is an inheritance of our culture, our traditions, beliefs, and values, all of them old school ones.

When I first heard about the Three Days of Darkness, it was in the 1980s, and curious needed to know more and went in search of additional information in places like second-hand bookshops, but was unsuccessful. However, it was two religious book shops, one on the Falls road, and another in Chapel Lane, that I was able to purchase the necessary information. That was over forty years ago, and since then, certainly with the internet, have accumulated more of that story, and of the prophets the messages concerning The Three Days of Darkness was conveyed to.

Fact is, the prophecy, the messages are intended for all, not just Catholics, and those ‘modern-version-catholics,’ who are corrupted by novus ordo, who chew the body of Christ like gum, and talk on their way down the aisle after having had it dealt out by a Francis-priest , or one of those made-up eucharistic ministers, who believe they are more holier than thou, but commit, like that priest, a sin each time they handle the body of Christ.

Through the 19th century , a number of mystics, including Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, foresaw a time of extraordinary blackness. Those predictions have continued to grow to the present day, warning of a worldwide chastisement, when day would be as black as night, and night thick with blackness.

Blessed, Anna-Maria Taigi (1769-1837) , was an Italian, wife, mother and mystic, who received prophecies that included, the  three days of darkness.

‘God will send two punishments: one will be in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils; it shall originate on earth. The other will be sent from Heaven.’

‘There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.’

‘On this terrible occasion so many of these wicked men, enemies of His Church, and of their God, shall be killed by this divine scourge, that their corpses around Rome will be as numerous as the fishes, which a recent inundation of the Tiber had carried into the city. All the enemies of the Church, secret as well as known, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of some few, whom God will soon after convert. The air shall be infested by demons, who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.’

‘After the three days of darkness, Saints Peter and Paul, having come down from heaven, will preach throughout the world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and settle upon the cardinal, the future pontiff. Then Christianity will spread throughout the world. Whole nations will join the Church shortly before the reign of the Antichrist. These conversions will be amazing. Those who survive shall have to conduct themselves well. There shall be innumerable conversions of heretics, who will return to the bosom of the Church; all will note the edifying conduct of their lives, as well as that of other Catholics. Russia, England and China will come into the Church.’

‘France will fall into frightful anarchy. The French people shall have a desperate civil war, in which old men themselves will take up arms. The political parties having exhausted their blood and their rage, without being able to arrive at any satisfactory understanding, shall at the last extremity agree by common consent to have recourse to the Holy See. Then the Pope shall send France a special legate, in order that he may examine the state of affairs and the dispositions of the people. In consequence of the information received, His Holiness himself shall nominate a most Christian king for the government of France.’

‘Religion shall be persecuted, and priests massacred Churches shall be closed, but only for a short time. The Holy Father shall be obliged to leave Rome.’

Throughout history, various seers and saints, have alluded to this terrifying, three-day, chastisement.

Marie Julie Jahenny, (above), born in 1850, France, was a Third Order Franciscan mystic who had visions about those Three Days of Darkness, and Marie Julie Jahenny, quoting the Virgin Mary herself, said this; ‘The earth will be covered in darkness, and hell will be loosed on earth. Thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in My Power, to die of fear. During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth, and the terrible color it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once. The sky will be on fire, the earth will split. During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted everywhere, no other light will shine.’

In fact the only Holy  candle that will light, is a Beeswax one.

She also said… ‘The earth will be changed into an immense cemetery; the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the face of the earth. The famine that will follow will be great.’

There will be a warning. It will be a supernatural event, and may well be God’s last warning to us.

According to Marie-Julie Jahenny, The days will be beginning to increase (days get longer on Dec 22). It will not be at the height  of summer, nor during the longer days of the year (summer time), but when the days are still short (winter time?).

It will not be at the end of the year, but during the first months (of the year) that I shall give My clear warnings.’

‘That day of darkness and lightning will be the first that I shall send to convert the impious, and to see if a great number will return to Me, before the Great Storm (Chastisement) which will closely follow. (The darkness and lightning of) that day will not cover all of France, but a part of Brittany will be tried by it. (However) on the side on which is found the land of the mother of My Immaculate Mother (the land of St. Anne) will not be covered by darkness to come, up to your place (home of Marie-Julie) . . . All the rest will be in the most terrible fright. From one night to the next — one complete day —, the thunder will not cease to rumble. The fire from the lightnings will do a lot of damage, even in the closed homes where someone will be living in sin. My children, that first day (of chastisement) will not take away anything from the three others (the 3-Day Chastisement) already pointed out and described.’

Today, we are on the threshold of another world war, and the peace advocates are few. Indeed, even nations supposed to be neutral like Ireland, have been vociferous in following the lies of another Fuhrer in Nazi Ukraine, and his Nazi supporters around the world, like the English, American, French, Canadian, and German governments.

Russia, did no wrong, and had no choice after years of provocation, threats, trespassing, and the murder of its people, to protect them, their customs, their heritage, and family values that are steeped in Christianity.

Maybe I’m wrong, but Russia seems to be in more than a fight for its values against the new-wokie-global-satanic-sect, but for its very existence. Fact is, WW2 showed there is no such thing as a good Nazi, and if anyone thinks that because the Ukrainian fuhrer and his Nazis are supported by western alliances, they are somehow good Nazis. well. you need to read up on the history of WW2, and in particular what the Jewish people went through.

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